Exactly four days from four years ago, I took my first step onto the actuarial career track.  Today, I’m done. Memory is still vivid of the warm, sunny morning on September 21, 2004.  Hesitating to study for GRE and applying to PhD programs, I printed out the application for SOA Course 1 from my office in

Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni


On all those nights when people around the globe stayed up to watch the Beijing Olympics games, I lost sleep making the Beijing Olympics mascots – the Fuwas: Even though the project started concurrently with the Opening Ceremony, it wasn’t complete until after the game was over and city workers sweeped every street in Beijing

TV In the House

For three years, coworkers have made fun of me for not having a TV… and using that to explain why I (have time to study and) pass my exams like nobody else. Well, that’s changing as I got myself an HD digital antenna to hook up to the HDTV card in my new computer. This is

Google Chrome

Google has released its own Web browser today (at noon PDT), and I installed it on both my work and home computers within 15 minutes.  I had not been so eager to try a newly released software since Internet Explorer 4, and I actually didn’t learn about this one until a few hours before its