Screw New Year’s Eve

I got off a half-day today and went to Chinatown for lunch and haircut.  Stepping out of the office, I needed to walk a short distance to the 42nd street subway station.  Since it’s New Year’s Eve, I decided to walk down Broadway to check out the preparations on Times Square. New Year’s resolution: quit

Christmas Gifts from Advisees

I have the awesomest advisees.  Alison and David dropped by today with two bags of Christmas (or Holiday, if we shall stay p.c.) presents.  One was a box of Godiva truffles.  The other was – cracking me up for the longest time – a Wall-E toy.  To be exact, a “Dance N’ Tap Wall-E with Wacky

Wally World Wall-E

Did Wall-E come from Walmart? When we watch the movie and see the portrayal of Buy n Large, the retail chain super store that covered Earth, it’s pretty easy to make an association with Walmart: gigantic stores, feel-good commercials, cheap goods, and fat people. Is this connection subtle or obvious?  How about the robot hero’s

Theme Park Vacation

We returned to the city of yellow snow and black ice, from the sunshine state, after a week-long theme park adventure in Orlando.  All I could say is, “damn I forgot it’s winter here.” We visited all four Disney World parks and both Universal Studio parks.  Here are the holiday props + park icons: Additional


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I Hate the Salvation Army

That’s right – another Christmas-y thing that I have issues with.  Soon enough I’d be writing my own version of Twelve Days of Christmas.  Speaking of which, if I still drive to work everyday and listen to the radio, I’d hate the Christmas songs by now, too.  Good thing that’s not the case. No offense