Wally World Wall-E

Did Wall-E come from Walmart?

When we watch the movie and see the portrayal of Buy n Large, the retail chain super store that covered Earth, it’s pretty easy to make an association with Walmart: gigantic stores, feel-good commercials, cheap goods, and fat people.

Is this connection subtle or obvious?  How about the robot hero’s name itself?  Was Wall-E genuinely meant to be an acronym of “Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class”?  That’s a mouthful of words and not a straightforward way to state the robot’s purpose.  Perhaps, the sounding of the acronym, Wally, came directly from “Wally World” in the first place?

Wally World is a nickname for Walmart, commonly used in mainstream America (but apparently outside of major metropolitan areas).  I’d love to pick up a Wall-E DVD from Wally World.  Would you like one, too?

Another “evidence” is in the spelling of “Wall-E”.  Note how the hyphen reminds you of the spelling “Wal-Mart”.