Year of the Sad Water Buffalo

This is the 11th Chinese New Year since we moved to the States.  I realized that the more I grow up, the more it strikes me as a saddening holiday.  Perhaps it’s because I’m in New York?  Back in Virginia, sometimes it was hard to remember there were any cultures outside the White/Christian norm; but

Windows Update Crashes

Okay.  Within 7 months, I’ve had two Windows-Update-related computer crashes.  Kinda stinks. The first time it fatally corrupted some important system file in my XP and required a complete (nasty) reinstall of the system, which indirectly sped up my purchase of this new computer and upgrade to Vista. This time around, I started seeing the

Codfish Sperm

Have you ever eaten the food item in these pictures?  Any idea what it is? We had it in a Korean restaurant.  It came in a seafood jigae (a spicy hot soup that I order with most of my Korean meals).  Looked like brain to us, and when we asked the waiter, we were told

Damn… a smaller scale, but equally horrific news story from my beloved VT campus. Click to read.  I suppose it’s appropriate to not attach any picture to this post. I guess, though, that nasty things like this happen all the time, everywhere, and it’s just the matter of whether we (especially the media) choose to

Barack Berry !?

The president to get a spy-proof smart phone in place of his favorite BlackBerry. I’m not interested in the security measures that the president has to obey, but this article really caught my attention.  It seems like the leaders of our country is very behind technologically… cannot use e-mail?  Sucks to be a president! I

Recent NYC Tragedies

Thursday, January 15th – US Airways plane crashed into the Hudson River.  The tail of the plane could be seen from my office.  Kind of surreal to see that kind of thing in the water.  It was unbearly cold that day, too. Thursday, January 22nd – Van crashing in Chinatown killed 2 children, wounded many. 

Obama Headlines

I’m happy that Mr. Obama was elected and vowed in as our new president.  A lot more people, like some of my coworkers, teared up for this historic victory.  But there are even more hardcore fans out there, such as the creator of this page covering hundreds (if not more) of Obama inauguration headlines, from around the globe:

Math = Best Jobs

Not claimed by me.  Wall Street Journal says so. Introducing the latest list of Best & Worst Jobs in the US: Looks like you can’t go wrong being a math major after all.  Add that Computer Science for fringe benefits. My job apparently is #2 on the list.  Don’t think it fits the “rarely works