Gross Earning Breakdown

‘Tis the tax season and my notorious analytical habit couldn’t sleep.  Here I present to you my 2008 gross earnings breakdown: Apparently, in this past calendar year I worked nights and days: Through April 12th (just in time!) to pay my taxes – to feed the poor, the old, the super rich, and the countries we

MTA Fare Hike On What?

You’d think I’m a very bitter person if I wrote three continuous posts complaining about the same thing… well, more or less. The MTA has voted today to increase fares and cut service.  My monthly pass will jump from $81 (which not that long ago was $76) to $103.  The single rides will go up

What’s Your Subway Excuse Today?

A. An earlier incident B. Held by the train dispatcher C. Train traffic ahead of us D. Police investigation E. Unusual track condition F. Broken rail G. Signal problems H. Mechanical problems I. Collapsed building J. Construction K. Congestions ahead L. Track work M. Power outage Note – these are all actual excuses for service

“Due to a Broken Rail…”

“your train is no longer going where you’re going.  To continue trying to reach your destination, please transfer here to the crappy 7 train by walking two blocks underground and then two blocks above ground in the cold air, ride it half way and then get back on the street to wait in the cold in

Penang Trip Part 3

Since Penang is such a tropical island that makes you sweat as soon as you step out of the hotel, my mom suggested to eat lunch at “an air-conditioned restaurant”.  And Chee Seng hesitated, reasoning that good food and air conditioning don’t mix in Penang.  We later experienced this ourselves, and found an inverse relationship

Penang Trip Part 2

My second visit to Europe has been a lot less pleasant than the first time.  I’m stuck here for three hours by flight schedule instead of by mechanical delay, i.e. no compensating free meal, and instead of being able to roam around the

Penang Trip Part 1

I had not been so excited about flying, in a very long time. Singapore Airlines is among the very few five star airlines, and was rated #1 in the world in the recent past.  Compared to the major American airlines, this is like driving Rolls Royce over riding a water buffalo. It’s all about