Face Masks

Face masks are a common accessory in Asia.  People in Taiwan wear it to shield themselves from dust, pollens and viruses, and to keep their own sicknesses from spreading to others.  Hong Kong, Japan, and likely other surrounding countries, share the common etiquette in their cultures – something I slowly forgot after moving to the United

MTA Making Sense

The E and F trains transport a majority of New Yorkers living in Queens and Brooklyn.  Now, for supposed work to “make track improvements”, their service will be reduced during rush hours, until the end of the year.  That’s right – our sucky commute will suck even more until (?) 2010. Dude, it’s only April!

How To Not Be A Douchebag Tourist In NYC

On a blog that I visit frequently, I found a link to the article How To Not Be A Douchebag Tourist In NYC. (Warning: links on the side of the page may be inappropriate for work) The article speaks all New Yorkers’ hearts.  But it’s funny to read the massive number of comments, most of which

Cousin, 17 Years Later

Uncle called and said, “Sean’s visiting New York.  You still remember him, right?” “Of course,” I said.  But the caveat was, if he still looked like what I remembered, I’d be pretty concerned.  It had been a while. It was great to meet up again.  Kind of like making a new friend, kind of not.

Earth Hour 2009

Last Saturday night, people around the world turned their lights off to conserve energy, in celebration of the Earth Hour 2009.  Click to see some amazing city skyline transitions from light to dark. I did not hear about this event until Sean and Alice brought it up, when I took them sightseeing and they questioned