Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

We went to see the second Transformers movie on IMAX.  I had never seen a real movie in an IMAX theater before.  This was a great first time.

It’d be asking too much to expect a sequel to top the original, but Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen did have every element from the first movie that everyone raved about: big(ger) robots, big(ger) explosions, hot cars, funny people, Megan Fox, etc.  Sure, the focus on things blowing up might’ve been slightly over done, but whatever.

My personal biggest disappointment was with the Constructicons / Devastator combo.  The Voltron-copycat had been my second favorite Transformers after the Dinobots, so I was thrilled to hear that Michael Bay recruited some of the world’s largest construction vehicles for this.  Unfortunately, this guy didn’t do much in the movie… at all… the camera didn’t even focus on any of the giant machines before they merged into a vacuum cleaner.

(what he should’ve looked like)

The greatest parts of the first movie were the subtleties that fans could pick up on.  Why did we all cheer as the big truck rolled out?  Well we knew who it was before the formal announcement.  In this movie, there were two or three places where I saw an excavator and said, “YESSS!  A Constructicon!!!” and was wrong about it.  That was pretty lame.

What I can say?  Let’s hope the Dinobots kick ass in Transformer 3!

*** Update *** I did not know that the satellite-hacking thingy was Soundwave!  Well glad that another of my favorite old-timers made it into the movie, although that’s quite a fancy “upgrade” from his tape player disguise.


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  • Dennis

    July 1, 2009 at 8:58 pm

    They weren’t even a large humanoid bot… it’s like a big puppy…