New Year’s Eve From Above (Part 1)

The Times Square ball drop is one of the biggest events in the world on New Year’s Eve, and the ball that drops is practically right outside my office window on a year-round basis.  This New Year’s Eve, over the option of staying home to play video games with myself, I chose to commute into the city

Q4 2009 Recap

Haven’t updated my blog in a while so here’s a half-assed quick round-up of interesting things that happened.  Gotta do this before 2010 hits! On Nov 14, Hong took me ice skating for the very first time.  It was supposedly disappointing that I didn’t fall on my ass. On Nov 21, I participated in my first

Not Sure How To Title This

Adding to the list of subway signs that should trigger an alarm: when a dozen people pour out of one door as you attempt to board at a non-attraction station. We have all learned by experience to avoid empty subway cars, half-empty cars, and dark ones.  But when I boarded this afternoon finding myself among