Snow Storm NYC

After record-breaking storms visiting all those regions surrounding us, New York finally got a sizable one this winter. The District of Columbia needs to learn the spirit from the Big Apple: this city never sleeps, not even at 1AM in a freaking storm.  Armies of workers managed the streets with plows, blowers, and shovels of

VT Trip (2/2)

Going back to school always makes me happy.  Even back in the days when driving down I-81 meant having to prepare for finals after Thanksgiving, I could never help but start to hum “country road… take me home…” Well, this time we picked a really memorable weekend to visit.  The school was shut down on Friday, and

VT Trip (1/2)

Phil and I decided to take a weekend trip back to VT.  So did a record snow storm. We managed to escape before the worse part of it hit NOVA, and the highways were kept clean for most of the trip.  However, we did have to go through some pretty bad sections of the storm: