The Instant Noodle Project

Instant noodles taste awesome, but aren’t so healthy.  Since college, I don’t eat them often any more.  But I still get depressed each time my stock runs low.  Then I go for a major restocking trip. This trip happens about once a year, and every single time the lady at the cash register would frown and scold me about how I

Codfish Sperm

Have you ever eaten the food item in these pictures?  Any idea what it is? We had it in a Korean restaurant.  It came in a seafood jigae (a spicy hot soup that I order with most of my Korean meals).  Looked like brain to us, and when we asked the waiter, we were told

Malay Chicken Biryani

Have you seen smelled a cup and a half of boiling butter? I made this Shan brand of Malay Chicken Biryani for dinner.  Once again, nothing from this brand could be cooked in under two hours, but it’s all good because each batch is enough to feed a small country’s Olympics team. The problem with