Protesters in Beijing

Imagine this: you have a problematic neighbor who never mows his lawn.  He’s a fine person otherwise, but the uncontrolled grassy front yard really bothers you and other nearby families.  You’ve complained to him about this several times, but he’s made it clear that his property isn’t really your business.  One day, this neighbor decides

Beijing Olympics 2008-08-08

Just watched the Olympics opening ceremony at Hong’s neighbor’s house, and got two words to describe it.  Freaking awesome.  The compliment goes to the performances, the spirit, and the neighbor’s gigantic HDTV. It was truly fantastic.  Not sure whether the powerful choreography, the flashy technology, or the enormous budget was more impressive, but I was

Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture

Randy Pausch, the CMU professor who gave the famous last lecture last year, has just passed away. Coworker Ming told me about this lecture and I watched the entire video in one sitting. Then I watched it again. It’s very inspirational and makes me hope that more professors in the world could be influential like