Snow Storm NYC

After record-breaking storms visiting all those regions surrounding us, New York finally got a sizable one this winter. The District of Columbia needs to learn the spirit from the Big Apple: this city never sleeps, not even at 1AM in a freaking storm.  Armies of workers managed the streets with plows, blowers, and shovels of

New Year’s Eve From Above (Part 2)

Happy New Year. Logically, however, I don’t see what’s there to be so happy about it.  New Year happens on roughly 0.3% of the days, which is a lot more common than your birthday if you were born on February 29th.  A new year means a rent increase, a new set of work goals to

New Year’s Eve From Above (Part 1)

The Times Square ball drop is one of the biggest events in the world on New Year’s Eve, and the ball that drops is practically right outside my office window on a year-round basis.  This New Year’s Eve, over the option of staying home to play video games with myself, I chose to commute into the city

Not Sure How To Title This

Adding to the list of subway signs that should trigger an alarm: when a dozen people pour out of one door as you attempt to board at a non-attraction station. We have all learned by experience to avoid empty subway cars, half-empty cars, and dark ones.  But when I boarded this afternoon finding myself among

The Adventure of Little Roach

Little Roach is not a small roach.  Measuring in at 1.8 and rounding up to 2.0 inches, Lil’ R always makes mommy proud.  Today, his buddies invited him to restaurant-hop for some delicious Japanese, Malaysian, and Argentine leftovers.  Unfortunately, he took one exit too early in NYC’s underground express and ended up in a dinky fitness club. 

First Baseball Game

After work today, I went with a bunch of coworkers to see Yankees play the Blue Jays.  This was the first baseball game, also the first sporting event since graduating from Tech, that I have been to.  Well, I figured that as I start my fifth year being a New Yorker, this was sort of

Exciting Morning

I complain too much about my commute, so this time I’ll simply describe it. After travelling 1/2 stop from home, train came to a stop.  A minute later, voice came from the intercom. Conductor: “We’re being delayed because of train traffic ahead of us.  We’ll be moving shortly.” (Typical excuse) A minute or two later:

Ten Months To Go

We did it.  The pre-wedding glamour photoshoot.  Exactly 10 months before our wedding.  In the one and only Central Park of the world. It was surprisingly an awesome experience.  The weather was gorgeous – sunny, with just enough fluffy clouds, and not at all hot.  The photographer and makeup artist were both pleasant and professional. 

Face Masks

Face masks are a common accessory in Asia.  People in Taiwan wear it to shield themselves from dust, pollens and viruses, and to keep their own sicknesses from spreading to others.  Hong Kong, Japan, and likely other surrounding countries, share the common etiquette in their cultures – something I slowly forgot after moving to the United