Actuarial Drama

It’s a well known fact that actuaries are dull people, so the term “actuarial drama” is nearly as much an oxymoron as “business ethics”.  Well, guess what?  We’ve got one. Bruce Schobel, arguably one of the most well-known and respected senior actuaries in the circle, had recently been removed as the president-elect from the American

ISBN 978-3-639-17819-7

Earlier this summer, the German publisher VDM Verlag contacted me about publishing my masters thesis.  Um, okay, I had no idea why they would want to or who they’d intend to sell it to.  But after some research on the gossip-filled online forums, I concluded that it was a legitmate deal and I had nothing to

Gross Earning Breakdown

‘Tis the tax season and my notorious analytical habit couldn’t sleep.  Here I present to you my 2008 gross earnings breakdown: Apparently, in this past calendar year I worked nights and days: Through April 12th (just in time!) to pay my taxes – to feed the poor, the old, the super rich, and the countries we

Christmas Gifts from Advisees

I have the awesomest advisees.  Alison and David dropped by today with two bags of Christmas (or Holiday, if we shall stay p.c.) presents.  One was a box of Godiva truffles.  The other was – cracking me up for the longest time – a Wall-E toy.  To be exact, a “Dance N’ Tap Wall-E with Wacky


Exactly four days from four years ago, I took my first step onto the actuarial career track.  Today, I’m done. Memory is still vivid of the warm, sunny morning on September 21, 2004.  Hesitating to study for GRE and applying to PhD programs, I printed out the application for SOA Course 1 from my office in


The second of our three interns ended her summer yesterday.  She and the last guy bought me a bag of Godiva assortments: I’m not a huge chocolate person but it was nonetheless a very sweet and heart warming gift.  I’m going to enjoy a lighter load of responsibilities after my supervisees leave, but it’s still

Monster DLP

For the second year in a row, I attended the Monster DLP as a sponsor. It was an extremely exhausting, but fun and rewarding weekend.  We lead a group of 46 college students on the Mercer team, did various activities from spontaneous dancing to career preparation.  Our students created a Mercer chant and screamed it

Study Tower Collections

Two years ago I posted one of these pictures on my old blog.  It’s now time to finish the collection. 2004-2005 Course 1 Exam FM 2005-2006 Exam M VEE – Microeconomics VEE – Macroeconomics VEE – Regression Analysis VEE – Time Series Exam C 2006-2007 FAP Modules 1~5