Japan Honeymoon – 10%

Sitting on the airplane, at the gate, waiting to take off from one of the crappiest airports in the country.  The lady next to us has both hands covered in blood from some serious wounds – good thing I’m going on a honeymoon with a doctor, who’s prepared with first-aid supplies.  What concerned me more

Japan Trip Planning 2

When we first decided on going to Japan for honeymoon, we wanted to go with a tour group.  It is, after all, a foreign country where none of our 3 languages would work very well.  But after going through a lot of travel agencies and comparing packages from both the U.S. and Taiwan, the plan

Japan Trip Planning

We’ll be visiting Japan in about 3 weeks.  This is exciting. Among all foreign countries that we haven’t been, Japan is the one that I love and hate the most, find the most similarities and extreme differences, really want to visit and at the same time desperately trying to avoid. It was, after all, an


Shortly after the wedding, we flew out to LAX in preparation of a big family event.  Although it wasn’t quite a “honeymoon”, it was a very nice vacation. California is the state of sunshine in my heart (screw Florida), and it felt great to be hangout out in the dry climate with the warm but

VT Trip (2/2)

Going back to school always makes me happy.  Even back in the days when driving down I-81 meant having to prepare for finals after Thanksgiving, I could never help but start to hum “country road… take me home…” Well, this time we picked a really memorable weekend to visit.  The school was shut down on Friday, and

VT Trip (1/2)

Phil and I decided to take a weekend trip back to VT.  So did a record snow storm. We managed to escape before the worse part of it hit NOVA, and the highways were kept clean for most of the trip.  However, we did have to go through some pretty bad sections of the storm:

Penang Trip Part 3

Since Penang is such a tropical island that makes you sweat as soon as you step out of the hotel, my mom suggested to eat lunch at “an air-conditioned restaurant”.  And Chee Seng hesitated, reasoning that good food and air conditioning don’t mix in Penang.  We later experienced this ourselves, and found an inverse relationship

Penang Trip Part 2

My second visit to Europe has been a lot less pleasant than the first time.  I’m stuck here for three hours by flight schedule instead of by mechanical delay, i.e. no compensating free meal, and instead of being able to roam around the

Penang Trip Part 1

I had not been so excited about flying, in a very long time. Singapore Airlines is among the very few five star airlines, and was rated #1 in the world in the recent past.  Compared to the major American airlines, this is like driving Rolls Royce over riding a water buffalo. It’s all about

Theme Park Vacation

We returned to the city of yellow snow and black ice, from the sunshine state, after a week-long theme park adventure in Orlando.  All I could say is, “damn I forgot it’s winter here.” We visited all four Disney World parks and both Universal Studio parks.  Here are the holiday props + park icons: Additional