Medieval Kings Chess II

During the past month, I spent most of my subway rides playing the Medieval Kings Chess II on my Blackberry.  There are five difficulty levels:

  • King Author (Beginner)
  • Frederick II (Easy)
  • Charlemagne (Medium)
  • S. Mehmed II (Hard)
  • Will the Conq. (Very Hard)
  • Gengis Khan (Master)

Since I never really touched chess after high school, the “easy” level was killing me in the beginning.  After I got comfortable enough to beat each level, though, I moved on to the next.  Now I’m winning 17-10 at the “very hard” level and will soon move on to face Gengis Khan.

Just a few weeks ago, I could’ve done 2-3 games during my morning commute.  But now I can barely finish one.  The reason?  The computer got really slow – I think much faster than the Blackberry processor at this level.  Too bad there’s no timed game on this thing.

While impatiently waiting for my Blackberry to make its next move, I often wonder what algorithm a chess game implements.  Mine apparently just increases iteration to increase the difficulty, but are there more efficient chess algorithms out there?  I wonder what I can come up with… hmm… probably nothing good :-p