Ariel + Chee Seng, Dennis + Anita all visited me (or rather, New York) this weekend.  It’s pretty awesome having part of the family hangout here. The last picture is to demonstrate how we’re a skinny family that can together fit on one bench outside of that dinky tako yaki shop.

Protesters in Beijing

Imagine this: you have a problematic neighbor who never mows his lawn.  He’s a fine person otherwise, but the uncontrolled grassy front yard really bothers you and other nearby families.  You’ve complained to him about this several times, but he’s made it clear that his property isn’t really your business.  One day, this neighbor decides

Malay Chicken Biryani

Have you seen smelled a cup and a half of boiling butter? I made this Shan brand of Malay Chicken Biryani for dinner.  Once again, nothing from this brand could be cooked in under two hours, but it’s all good because each batch is enough to feed a small country’s Olympics team. The problem with

New Computer Update

Put my computer together and now it’s up and running… AMD Athlon 64 x2 5200+ BioStar motherboard with GeForce 8200 HDMI 4 x 1GB DDR2 800 Some cheap video card with 256MB RAM AverMedia HDTV tuner card WD Caviar 500GB SATA hard drive 20x DVD+-R burner with LightScribe 20x Dual Layer DVD burner Rosewill 550W

Batman – the Dark Knight

This movie was awesome: I had seen the first Batman movie many times as a kid where he battled the Joker.  This remake is nothing the original could compare to (pretty dark and scary too).

Beijing Olympics 2008-08-08

Just watched the Olympics opening ceremony at Hong’s neighbor’s house, and got two words to describe it.  Freaking awesome.  The compliment goes to the performances, the spirit, and the neighbor’s gigantic HDTV. It was truly fantastic.  Not sure whether the powerful choreography, the flashy technology, or the enormous budget was more impressive, but I was


The second of our three interns ended her summer yesterday.  She and the last guy bought me a bag of Godiva assortments: I’m not a huge chocolate person but it was nonetheless a very sweet and heart warming gift.  I’m going to enjoy a lighter load of responsibilities after my supervisees leave, but it’s still

Monster DLP

For the second year in a row, I attended the Monster DLP as a sponsor. It was an extremely exhausting, but fun and rewarding weekend.  We lead a group of 46 college students on the Mercer team, did various activities from spontaneous dancing to career preparation.  Our students created a Mercer chant and screamed it

New Computer

I got a new computer. It’s amazing how fast NewEgg sends out its orders.  Even with the cheapest shipping method, the stuff arrived at my door after only one full business day.  Maybe it helps to live one hour away from their warehouse in Edison, NJ. So this was the first time in over four years that