Monster DLP

For the second year in a row, I attended the Monster DLP as a sponsor.

It was an extremely exhausting, but fun and rewarding weekend.  We lead a group of 46 college students on the Mercer team, did various activities from spontaneous dancing to career preparation.  Our students created a Mercer chant and screamed it out of the top of their lungs.  The team bounding energy made me so proud of my company, that, I was embarrassed to return to the office and say that I was so proud of my company.  The high spirit at the event topped every football game I’ve been to.  Seriously.

Growing up in America is about tons and tons of self discovery lessons, leadership workshops, and team building activities.  However, I haven’t seen any teacher or camp leader able to carry it out and get the audience to buy in as much as DLP.  It was awesome being able to lead, follow, teach, learn, and play at the same time.

The cool (math, actuarial science, accounting, finance) kids

The cooler (and just slightly older) kids

Mercer and Mercer scholarship recipients

The only drawback to Monster DLP was, that it was 25+ hours of physically demanding work over one weekend, following an entire work week, followed by another 15-hour work day on Monday… gosh I need some sleep…