Windows Update Crashes

Okay.  Within 7 months, I’ve had two Windows-Update-related computer crashes.  Kinda stinks.

The first time it fatally corrupted some important system file in my XP and required a complete (nasty) reinstall of the system, which indirectly sped up my purchase of this new computer and upgrade to Vista.

This time around, I started seeing the first (and many followed) Blue Screen of Death in Vista, soon after a Windows Update.  Somehow I had the impression that Vista didn’t have such a thing as BSoD, but where had I been?  Registry cleaner as the most suggested solution didn’t seem to fix the system, but I’ll see if the system restore had solved the problem.

As a programmer myself, I don’t expect a system this large and complex to be eternally bug-free… but it just feels contradictory to have Windows Update which supposedly makes your computer better but actually can destroy it.

A search for “Windows Update Crash” yields a whole lot of results on Google.  Amusing but those pages from Microsoft all seem to be telling you to go to other tech support sources.