The Prime Terror

Eco-terrorists value the lives of animals or plants more so than they do their own kind: ALF blows up animal laboratories and meat packaging plants; Sea Shepherd Conservation Society attacks fishermen and their boats; others burn down houses, injure hunters and loggers, etc.  The FBI considers eco-terrorism the #1 domestic terror threat.  They might have a noble cause, but the extra mile they go to glorify their “righteous” beliefs is the main distinction between them and the normal people.

Imagine a Hollywood situation where you are at the end of the world among the only dozen survivors on Earth.  On top of that, all food sources vanished, except rabbits who magically reproduced everywhere.  Now, what could possibly make the situation worse, than if half of the survivors were animal rights extremists?

Yeah, they vow to destroy you if you dare touching the rabbits.  You can choose to die starving or be killed by your fellow critter-loving humans.  That’s totally messed up.  Isn’t it?

I present to you… Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots and the prime example of somebody with a noble cause and freakishly too much passion for it.  Protecting humans is a great thing to do, but going as far as sacrificing himself and slaughtering his own kind puts him right up on the list with the Whale Wars people.

Let’s see.  The Transformers are a dying species and the Decepticons are working hard to ensure their survival.  However, since the early 80’s, the Autobots had plotted to destroy their every attempt at collecting food = energon cubes.  I thought the Autobots need energon to survive, too, but for whatever reason they enjoyed throwing the entire last colony of Transformers into a lose-lose situation.

Sure, the Decepticons might have to stomp on a few hundred people or blow up a volcano or sun during the process.  But should Transformers really care?  For the prosperity of human kind we also slaughter other animals and cut down trees, so there’s hardly any difference.  Unless you’re one of those who enjoy pouring blood on rich women’s fur coats or support the killing of abortion doctors, please join me and say –

Optimus Prime is messed up!