What’s With Our Country?

Two of the hottest current headlines: people oppose the use of public or private insurance funds to kill embryo cells, yet get upset that doctors may no longer recommend an ineffective and potentially harmful procedure for women.

Although the majority of our society isn’t about making sense, people should realize that our tax dollars are already used in tens of thousands of ways that we may not approve.  Don’t like to kill?  Too bad, we’re already paying for missle launchers abroad and don’t have any say in it.  Abortion in perspective is really not a big deal.  America won’t be a very honest land of the free if our people keep sticking their noses in their neighbors’ pregnancies.

The mammogram issue is funny in a whole different way.  All the testimonials go something like, “I had it, I think it worked, so it must work for everybody and I’m pissed off that doc might no longer recommend it.”