Q4 2009 Recap

Haven’t updated my blog in a while so here’s a half-assed quick round-up of interesting things that happened.  Gotta do this before 2010 hits!

On Nov 14, Hong took me ice skating for the very first time.  It was supposedly disappointing that I didn’t fall on my ass.

On Nov 21, I participated in my first Chinese Harp recital.  I messed up my song terribly but at least I can now say I’ve done a music recital.

Thanksgiving was spent at Dennis’s house with a subset of our large family network.  Not sure why Ariel and CS weren’t in this picture.

The first turduken I’ve tasted.  There were a lot of firsts this November.

Hong and I also (for the first time) learned to play mah jong.  It was sort of like deeds done for senior appreciation day as we appeared so dumb and slow next to Grandma and Anita’s dad.

We watched two awesome movies – Jim Carey’s Christmas Carol and James Cameron’s Avatar.  The similarity that they share is the amazing blend of computer graphics with actual film.  It was hard not to think that they drew Jim Carey by hand and captured those blue people on film.

On Dec 19, the East Coast had a blizzard supposedly most severe since 1996.  I assume that means the biggest snow I have ever seen in my life.  Shoveling driveways sure brought back memories.

Christmas was spent with Hong’s family.  Here’s a group picture after the fun-filled gift exchange session:

On my birthday, a bunch of coworkers took me out to a very nice lunch.   Here’s the cake that Lauren got me: