Stick Figure Outcry

I find this story highly amusing.

Teacher asked class to draw something that “reminds them of Christmas”.  Second grade kid drew dead Jesus on the cross (and told teacher it was himself).  Teacher, concerned about the kid’s underlying violent tendencies, sent him for psychiatric evaluation.  Community got furious, labeling it as an antichrist execution of the separation of church and state.  Black dad pulls the racial card.  Everyone is blaming the teacher.

This story is controversial in many aspects, not even mentioning how some of the accused details were made up by the parents.  Judging from the Internet comments, people focus way more on the religious aspect than anything else, complaining about the lack of freedom to express religious beliefs in this country.  Well, if the teacher was seriously having issues with Christianity, how would she give a Christmas-themed assignment in the first place?

What I see is this: teacher suspects of a problem and takes an action, the suspected goes berserk, and the act of suspicion becomes labelled as the biggest crime known to men.  Now, let’s not forget what people say when a crazy kid actually gets violent in school – “oh he showed ‘obvious’ psycho signs but the ignorant teacher did nothing about it…”

It’s tough running a school nowadays.