Japan Honeymoon – 10%

Sitting on the airplane, at the gate, waiting to take off from one of the crappiest airports in the country.  The lady next to us has both hands covered in blood from some serious wounds – good thing I’m going on a honeymoon with a doctor, who’s prepared with first-aid supplies.  What concerned me more than the runny blood was when she informed us about the wounds coming from her cat under the seat.  Um, that means I’ll be within 4 feet from an allergen power house for the next 15 hours?  Holy shit this could mean the worst start of a trip ever.

Two hours later, the smell of iodine kept me from falling asleep.  The lady’s hands had puffed up quite a bit, and I learned from my sweetheart about the danger of an animal bite and how this could be the beginning of an ugly systemic infection.  “She needs to get antibiotics within 24 hours.”  Okay, two hours down, 13 more hours on the plane, and there is still hope.  Now I don’t know whether I should stretch out my legs, leaving the feet next to the bag of cat.

I flipped through the Delta magazine, trying to figure out what movies we could expect to see.  Meanwhile, commercial after commercial had been streaming on TV.  “Welcome aboard!  Have you thought of owning a stand-alone chicken roaster?”  I guess if nobody is paying checked baggage fees, the airline’s gotta find a source of income somewhere else.

The commercial that bothered me the most was about Delta’s commitment to the breast cancer campaign.  Would you like to purchase a $2 PINK lemonade and donate to the cause?  Oh please.  I don’t mean to belittle this disease, but it’s far from the leading cause of death, leading cause of death for women, or even the deadliest cancer.  The fad that drives every freaking corporation in America to jump up waving its hand saying, “we pretend to care too,” is just, well, a fad.  It’s unclear how the donations are curing cancer except to sponsor more pink-colored merchandises and to pay for the $500k salary of Susan Komen’s CEO.  So when can we have a walk together, in brown, to find a cure for colon cancer?

Alright.  Time to attempt zonking out again.  Hello Japan.  Here we come.