Singapore – Extras

The Magic Carpet is something that money can’t buy; for everything else, Aladdin takes MasterCard.

Chinese people hate the number 4, so in many buildings in Taiwan/HK/China there are no 4th floors.  Bugis Plus not only doesn’t buy into that superstition, it’s got more 4th floors than it has any other floor.

For all your engineering needs, there’s BS technology.

IMG_0685Hotdog juices just sound wrong.

No trespassing means no trespassing.  If you happen to not read any of the four languages, there’s also a picture that indicates what may happen to you if you trespass.

We found eBay.

It’s well-known that Singaporeans are good at math.  US and many other countries import the curriculum known as Singapore Math.  The extent to which people can run numbers in their heads?  Here’s an example!

This is a manly department store.  Don’t talk sissy to the salesmen.

Legislators passed a new law allowing the government to penalize transit companies for disrupted MRT (subway) service for up to 10% of their annual operating revenue, per incident.  Apparently the Singaporeans have no tolerance for five-minute train delays, and any sort of train malfunction drives incredible outrage.  My SF and NY friends must find this an incredibly difficult concept to understand (i.e. “so how does a company pay fines that amount to 100,000% of their revenue?”)

These signs scatter all over downtown to tell you how many remaining parking spaces are available, not only at this garage but also at five nearby garages.  Pick your destination without having to stop at each entrance!  Incredible way to reduce congestion caused by people circling endlessly to find parking.

Some people enjoy milk baths.  I like cola spa.

Singapore’s OK toilet.  We have yet to find a toilet in Singapore that’s not OK.