PF Chang’s

We went last night to P.F. Chang’s, the Chinese-themed TGI Friday.  It was a surprisingly cultural experience. This was my very first time.  Prior to the visit, most of my knowledge about this chain establishment had been from South Park depictions: (1) its food makes you super constipated, and (2) it’s run by an army

Doin’ DayQuil

This evening, I went to CVS and picked up a box of (the CVS generic version of) DayQuil.  Upon check out, the cashier asked me for my birth date.  Somewhat stunned and confused by the inquiry, I held back and paused for a second.  Then I saw the piece of print out in his hand

How Likely Will Your Car Be Recalled?

Over the past year, the word “motor vehicle recall” and “Toyota” seemed to have some strong correlation, including the headline news last week.  They sure screwed up with corporate response for that incident, but that by no means suggest that Toyota is the only manufacturer that makes bad cars.  “Good” cars get recalled all the

McDonald’s vs. Life Expectancy

McDonald’s has been given so much bad publicity in recent years, based on biased and scientifically unsound claims.  I’m not a hardcore fan trying to defend the corporation, but as an analytical bystander I feel the need to bring about some justice. Introducing: the correlation between McDonald’s historical growth and improvement in life expectancy.  Credible

The Prime Terror

Eco-terrorists value the lives of animals or plants more so than they do their own kind: ALF blows up animal laboratories and meat packaging plants; Sea Shepherd Conservation Society attacks fishermen and their boats; others burn down houses, injure hunters and loggers, etc.  The FBI considers eco-terrorism the #1 domestic terror threat.  They might have