Southeast Asia (12/13) – Vacation Within Vacation on Koh Samui

Our next destination was Koh Samui, a tropical island halfway down the Malay Peninsula.  We were very sad at this point to be departing our hotel in Bangkok, and that was an odd sentiment en route to a major beach resort.   FLIGHT Getting us there and back was Bangkok Airways.  Although we had unexciting

Southeast Asia (11/13) – Ayutthaya Road Trip on a Full Stomach

The official Thai history has had four dynasties, with the current one still going strong and loved by the people. While Sukhothai, the first kingdom, was more distant and disconnected from the rest, the second (Ayutthaya), third (Thonburi), and fourth (Rattanakosin) were of a single lineage. The capitals of the latter two are both within

Southeast Asia (8/13) – Week-Long Birthday in Thailand

Our fourth and primary stop on this trip was Bangkok. Neither of us had been to Thailand, and we both craved visiting it, especially after my sister Ariel’s testament to its awesome food scene. Strictly speaking, HK, Singapore, and KL were all just appetizers leading up to this main course. Touching down in Bangkok was

Southeast Asia (6/13) – Unfinished Business in Singapore

After Hong Kong, we spent the next 20 hours in Singapore, another deja-vu island. The last time we were in this tiny city-state, we were traveling with our fourteen-month-old on her first international trip. As such, our experience was somewhat limited, and certain things we wished to do were not possible. We were determined on