Car Shows

Early last year, I came across a so-called “research” article claiming that people who play car racing video games tend to get attached, become car enthusiasts, and end up purchasing more expensive sports cars.  At that time, my interest in cars was close to zero.  I hadn’t driven in years, and had no particular desire

Storm Riders II

Storm Riders is an epic comic series started in 1989 and still going strong today.  It was a top legend in Hong Kong’s comic book industry, likely being the most praised and most referenced work of all times.  It was also my absolute favorite epic story… for a long time.  The series started going downhill


It’s been a while since the average independent short film freely available on the Internet was better crafted than the average Hollywood movie that you have to pay $15 at a theater for.  However, I had never been this impressed before seeing this piece: ?????? (Lee’s Adventures). If I hadn’t glanced at the forum comments first, I

The Prime Terror

Eco-terrorists value the lives of animals or plants more so than they do their own kind: ALF blows up animal laboratories and meat packaging plants; Sea Shepherd Conservation Society attacks fishermen and their boats; others burn down houses, injure hunters and loggers, etc.  The FBI considers eco-terrorism the #1 domestic terror threat.  They might have

Toy Story!!!

I went to see Toy Story 1 & 2 tonight, back-to-back, alone.  This was the only movie I ever went to the theater by myself for, besides the Passion of the Christ (yeah… kind of in a different category). For the longest time, I wondered how it’d feel to pay $16 to watch two movies

First Baseball Game

After work today, I went with a bunch of coworkers to see Yankees play the Blue Jays.  This was the first baseball game, also the first sporting event since graduating from Tech, that I have been to.  Well, I figured that as I start my fifth year being a New Yorker, this was sort of