That’s Why I Don’t Buy Organic

WSJ: Review Finds No Nutritional Benefit to Organic Food. And that’s not all… according to my forestry professors: Farming chemicals (pesticides, etc) are very easy to wash off You probably should wash your food anyway Some plants without external pesticide protection can develop similar chemicals internally to fend off attackers (bugs, people); you can’t wash that

Ten Months To Go

We did it.  The pre-wedding glamour photoshoot.  Exactly 10 months before our wedding.  In the one and only Central Park of the world. It was surprisingly an awesome experience.  The weather was gorgeous – sunny, with just enough fluffy clouds, and not at all hot.  The photographer and makeup artist were both pleasant and professional. 


Once again Pixar has done a fantastic job with their annual animated film, Up, the flick about an old man and a lot of balloons: It’s unusual to see any movie, let along a cartoon, to center its story on a whithering old man.  Up had done it so well, that our theater was unusually crowded