Shortly after the wedding, we flew out to LAX in preparation of a big family event.  Although it wasn’t quite a “honeymoon”, it was a very nice vacation. California is the state of sunshine in my heart (screw Florida), and it felt great to be hangout out in the dry climate with the warm but

New Life

A lot of stuff changed within a three-month window: new car, new license (state), new apartment, new marriage, and new job. After that diamond ring, this maroon colored 2010 Honda Accord LX-P renewed the record as the most expensive thing I’ve purchased with my own money.  The experience returning from a New York City resident

VT Trip (2/2)

Going back to school always makes me happy.  Even back in the days when driving down I-81 meant having to prepare for finals after Thanksgiving, I could never help but start to hum “country road… take me home…” Well, this time we picked a really memorable weekend to visit.  The school was shut down on Friday, and

VT Trip (1/2)

Phil and I decided to take a weekend trip back to VT.  So did a record snow storm. We managed to escape before the worse part of it hit NOVA, and the highways were kept clean for most of the trip.  However, we did have to go through some pretty bad sections of the storm:

New Year’s Eve From Above (Part 2)

Happy New Year. Logically, however, I don’t see what’s there to be so happy about it.  New Year happens on roughly 0.3% of the days, which is a lot more common than your birthday if you were born on February 29th.  A new year means a rent increase, a new set of work goals to

New Year’s Eve From Above (Part 1)

The Times Square ball drop is one of the biggest events in the world on New Year’s Eve, and the ball that drops is practically right outside my office window on a year-round basis.  This New Year’s Eve, over the option of staying home to play video games with myself, I chose to commute into the city

Q4 2009 Recap

Haven’t updated my blog in a while so here’s a half-assed quick round-up of interesting things that happened.  Gotta do this before 2010 hits! On Nov 14, Hong took me ice skating for the very first time.  It was supposedly disappointing that I didn’t fall on my ass. On Nov 21, I participated in my first

First Baseball Game

After work today, I went with a bunch of coworkers to see Yankees play the Blue Jays.  This was the first baseball game, also the first sporting event since graduating from Tech, that I have been to.  Well, I figured that as I start my fifth year being a New Yorker, this was sort of

Ten Months To Go

We did it.  The pre-wedding glamour photoshoot.  Exactly 10 months before our wedding.  In the one and only Central Park of the world. It was surprisingly an awesome experience.  The weather was gorgeous – sunny, with just enough fluffy clouds, and not at all hot.  The photographer and makeup artist were both pleasant and professional.