Hong Kong – Extras

Public bathroom for your dog. “This plastic sheet is disinfected once every hour” – on a lot of buttons in public elevators.  In contrast to this, I wonder if the stuff you touch in public in the U.S. (buttons, hand rails, etc) ever gets cleaned… Moving along… This picture was taken for you, Tim. Placebo

Hong Kong 5/5

Day 5 was the last day of our trip.  With a midnight flight, we still had a full day.  And here’s how we spent our time: Breakfast was at McDonald’s.  Go ahead and laugh at my wellness plan, Monica and John, but did you know that the HK McDonald’s made a really tasty soupy macaroni? 

Hong Kong 4/5

Our day 4 in Hong Kong was a Monday, and we headed to Central during the morning rush hour.  The MTR was a lot fun – like a Times Square bound 7 Train at Long Island City at 8:45 in the morning – maybe worse.  The lines on the platform weren’t even that long, but

Hong Kong 3/5

On our third day in Hong Kong, we stopped pretending to be rich and checked out of the extravagant InterContinental HK.  With moving into the more affordable Hyatt Regency, which was just a few blocks away, the touristy part of our HK itinerary began. First we walked through the Avenue of Stars, which was the

Hong Kong 2/5

Our second day in Hong Kong was Cynthia and Aaron’s big day, and the catalyst for our Singapore / Hong Kong vacation.  Who are Cynthia and Aaron?  Colleagues that I had known since an early part of my career, one of whom I work closely with on a day-to-day basis these days.  It’s also true

Hong Kong 1/5

A few hours after reluctantly leaving Singapore, we arrived in Hong Kong.  It felt cold, even though it was probably a bit warmer than home.  The world’s #4 ranked airport also didn’t seem that mind-blowing, after having just spent time in Changi.  Overall, I looked forward to visiting Hong Kong for the first time but

Singapore – Extras

The Magic Carpet is something that money can’t buy; for everything else, Aladdin takes MasterCard. Chinese people hate the number 4, so in many buildings in Taiwan/HK/China there are no 4th floors.  Bugis Plus not only doesn’t buy into that superstition, it’s got more 4th floors than it has any other floor. For all your

Singapore 5/5

Traveling abroad with a baby brought a ton of uncertainties.  Therefore, when we planned this trip, we left the last full day in Singapore open to catch up on activities and/or to rest.  The few items on our to-do for the day were deemed optional. Turned out that was the right thing to do.  We

Singapore 4/5

Day 4 began with a pathetic attempt to find breakfast at Bugis Junction, a place that catered more to the night life.  Well, it was on our way to the MRT station anyway. Oh yeah we also saw the front of Raffles Hotel.  Moving on… It took us no time to arrive at VivoCity (another

Singapore 3/5

Day 3 was our “cultural” tour of Singapore.  We started in “Ox Cart Water”, the funny-named Chinatown.  Early immigrants from China settled here and were surrounded by Muslim Malays and British colonists.  But now it’s just weird to think that a country with 74% ethnic Chinese still has a Chinatown. At Tanjong Pagar, we picked