Jay Chou – Capricorn

Jay released his new album – Capricorn (???).  As usual, he’s awesome (and still very daring with his outfits…). The first hit is ??.  It’s another inspirational song from Jay to bring positive thinking to the society. ??????  ??????? Fail to chase down your dream?  Why not simply find another?


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Martin Klimas Photography


For the most part, I’m not an artistic person.  But I recently found the following photography by Martin Klimas and was thoroughly impressed: Click here to see more.

Atlantis in Dubai

Dubai has not stopped impressing the world with the continuously refreshed list of new world wonders.  This time, it’s the Atlantis hotel: Dang I love the view from that window.  It’s a much better honeymoon destination than your average tropical beach resorts.  If my salary somehow goes up 100 times next March, I’ll book a

She Said Yes

Nearly four years ago I wrote a blog post with this title, and it was about getting my “dream” job offer.  This time around, it’s actually what you might think it is. Here’s a very subtle picture: The photo journey of a stone:

風雲決 Storm Riders 2008

Storm Riders, my favorite comic series from Hong Kong, has officially set foot across the entire spectrum of the entertainment industry by having released an animated movie – ??? (Storm Riders 2008). I wouldn’t call it a great movie.  The plot is sloppy (which is the norm for movies), and the voice actors don’t quite