Everybody Agrees

New York subway… working 24-7 but never fails to fail you.

For those of you unfamiliar with this system, at least a couple of routes are “under service” every weekend, and sometimes also on weekdays.  Flyers like this are everywhere, just like the cockroaches.

The bitter comment is not at all unreasonable.  The same crappy subway is still slow, dirty, and unreliable after every service.  The 7 line was “under construction” for months in a row, and had to go back to maintenance again two weeks after “normal service” resumed.  When you pass by the labor workers:

  • 20% of them would have a tool or radio in their hands
  • 10% of them would be eating a sandwich or from a lunch box
  • 50% of them would be sitting down
  • 5% of them would be laying down
  • 5% of them, if you’re lucky, would be actually doing something on the track

Makes me want to join a union too.