Chinese Tonight Yo

Hey Yo!  Tasty Chinese Tonight! I think “ho jaye” translates to “let’s have”.  Found this poster on the window of Patel Brothers, an Indian chain supermarket. This wouldn’t have been so funny if it weren’t found in Flushing, where the store was surrounded by a whole city of Chinese more real than “Real Chinese”.

The Instant Noodle Project

Instant noodles taste awesome, but aren’t so healthy.  Since college, I don’t eat them often any more.  But I still get depressed each time my stock runs low.  Then I go for a major restocking trip. This trip happens about once a year, and every single time the lady at the cash register would frown and scold me about how I



Here’s an amazing artist on the New York Times blog, making abstract representations of NYC with few simple LEGO blocks: A lot of the stuff is not really NYC specific, but some jokes are probably hard to get if you don’t live in the city. The guy apparently has tons of good humor, but nothing

NYC Out of Service

New York is a city that never sleeps.  Like a person that never sleeps, this city never seems to be in a healthy shape, either. I commute through the Rockefeller Center Subway station everyday.  As one of the only handicap-accessible stations in the city, there is an elevator that takes you down to the platform. 

Slumdog Millionaire

We had no idea what this movie was about before it was half over.  On Thursday, I heard about it for the first time.  On Friday, I heard about it for the second time.  On Saturday, Hong mentioned how she also heard many excellent reviews, so we hit the movie theater, paid for the tickets,