MTA Making Sense

The E and F trains transport a majority of New Yorkers living in Queens and Brooklyn.  Now, for supposed work to “make track improvements”, their service will be reduced during rush hours, until the end of the year.  That’s right – our sucky commute will suck even more until (?) 2010. Dude, it’s only April!

How To Not Be A Douchebag Tourist In NYC

On a blog that I visit frequently, I found a link to the article How To Not Be A Douchebag Tourist In NYC. (Warning: links on the side of the page may be inappropriate for work) The article speaks all New Yorkers’ hearts.  But it’s funny to read the massive number of comments, most of which

Earth Hour 2009

Last Saturday night, people around the world turned their lights off to conserve energy, in celebration of the Earth Hour 2009.  Click to see some amazing city skyline transitions from light to dark. I did not hear about this event until Sean and Alice brought it up, when I took them sightseeing and they questioned

MTA Fare Hike On What?

You’d think I’m a very bitter person if I wrote three continuous posts complaining about the same thing… well, more or less. The MTA has voted today to increase fares and cut service.  My monthly pass will jump from $81 (which not that long ago was $76) to $103.  The single rides will go up

What’s Your Subway Excuse Today?

A. An earlier incident B. Held by the train dispatcher C. Train traffic ahead of us D. Police investigation E. Unusual track condition F. Broken rail G. Signal problems H. Mechanical problems I. Collapsed building J. Construction K. Congestions ahead L. Track work M. Power outage Note – these are all actual excuses for service

“Due to a Broken Rail…”

“your train is no longer going where you’re going.  To continue trying to reach your destination, please transfer here to the crappy 7 train by walking two blocks underground and then two blocks above ground in the cold air, ride it half way and then get back on the street to wait in the cold in

Chinese Tonight Yo

Hey Yo!  Tasty Chinese Tonight! I think “ho jaye” translates to “let’s have”.  Found this poster on the window of Patel Brothers, an Indian chain supermarket. This wouldn’t have been so funny if it weren’t found in Flushing, where the store was surrounded by a whole city of Chinese more real than “Real Chinese”.

NYC Out of Service

New York is a city that never sleeps.  Like a person that never sleeps, this city never seems to be in a healthy shape, either. I commute through the Rockefeller Center Subway station everyday.  As one of the only handicap-accessible stations in the city, there is an elevator that takes you down to the platform. 

Year of the Sad Water Buffalo

This is the 11th Chinese New Year since we moved to the States.  I realized that the more I grow up, the more it strikes me as a saddening holiday.  Perhaps it’s because I’m in New York?  Back in Virginia, sometimes it was hard to remember there were any cultures outside the White/Christian norm; but

Screw New Year’s Eve

I got off a half-day today and went to Chinatown for lunch and haircut.  Stepping out of the office, I needed to walk a short distance to the 42nd street subway station.  Since it’s New Year’s Eve, I decided to walk down Broadway to check out the preparations on Times Square. New Year’s resolution: quit