Cousin, 17 Years Later

Uncle called and said, “Sean’s visiting New York.  You still remember him, right?” “Of course,” I said.  But the caveat was, if he still looked like what I remembered, I’d be pretty concerned.  It had been a while. It was great to meet up again.  Kind of like making a new friend, kind of not.

Year of the Sad Water Buffalo

This is the 11th Chinese New Year since we moved to the States.  I realized that the more I grow up, the more it strikes me as a saddening holiday.  Perhaps it’s because I’m in New York?  Back in Virginia, sometimes it was hard to remember there were any cultures outside the White/Christian norm; but

Christmas Gifts from Advisees

I have the awesomest advisees.  Alison and David dropped by today with two bags of Christmas (or Holiday, if we shall stay p.c.) presents.  One was a box of Godiva truffles.  The other was – cracking me up for the longest time – a Wall-E toy.  To be exact, a “Dance N’ Tap Wall-E with Wacky

She Said Yes

Nearly four years ago I wrote a blog post with this title, and it was about getting my “dream” job offer.  This time around, it’s actually what you might think it is. Here’s a very subtle picture: The photo journey of a stone:


Ariel + Chee Seng, Dennis + Anita all visited me (or rather, New York) this weekend.  It’s pretty awesome having part of the family hangout here. The last picture is to demonstrate how we’re a skinny family that can together fit on one bench outside of that dinky tako yaki shop.