So as you know (maybe you don’t), I took two weeks off to visit Taiwan.  Gotta do that once in a while to remind my friends of my existence… and remind myself of theirs.  Also it was needed to recharge the Chinese/Taiwanese in me.

While I was there, I had some thoughts everyday that I wanted to write down.  But now, of course I can’t handle that much at once… so I’ll just post a few pictures instead…

Laser tag… with Rabbit, Bear, EnTing

Karaoke Round 1

Middle school gang

Middle school gang

Chillin’ in the Google office

Taipei from the 73rd floor

Found this in a car near my elementary school… we used the exact same thing for a school performance during 3rd grade… good memories…

How do you get anything out of this over-stuffed machine?

Mom & Hong’s Grandma

Taichung Park

Karaoke Round 2 with Grace

?? Jiu Fen… the “old streets”

Ice cream with Dad after an amazing hotpot buffet

It’s a tunnel boring machine (TBM) behind me.  Learned about this many times from Discovery and National Geographic, so excited to see it in person.  This is a small one used to drill the new subway line by my house.


  • Ariel

    November 16, 2008 at 9:27 pm

    You’d think after 14-15 years, our elementary would upgrade that “lion dance” mask to something fancier. And I’d be one of those idiots trying to catch something from that overstuffed machine (so cute!!!).

  • Tim

    November 16, 2008 at 11:28 pm

    ah~ good times. I wonder when we’ll be in Taiwan at the same time again … hopefully not too far in the future. I shall visit you in NYC soon.