ISBN 978-3-639-17819-7

Earlier this summer, the German publisher VDM Verlag contacted me about publishing my masters thesis.  Um, okay, I had no idea why they would want to or who they’d intend to sell it to.  But after some research on the gossip-filled online forums, I concluded that it was a legitmate deal and I had nothing to lose.  Weeks later, I got what was likely to be the only copy of this ISBN to be ever printed:

Among many other people’s thesis “books”, mine is printed and sold on demand.  You can buy it (or I can just email you the PDF) on this website:

The big question is, who in the right mind who pay 49 Euros for a copy of my 86-page book?  I thought it might sell better at 4.90 Euro…

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  • Dennis

    August 30, 2009 at 7:38 pm