Medieval Kings Chess II

During the past month, I spent most of my subway rides playing the Medieval Kings Chess II on my Blackberry.  There are five difficulty levels: King Author (Beginner) Frederick II (Easy) Charlemagne (Medium) S. Mehmed II (Hard) Will the Conq. (Very Hard) Gengis Khan (Master) Since I never really touched chess after high school, the “easy”

Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture

Randy Pausch, the CMU professor who gave the famous last lecture last year, has just passed away. Coworker Ming told me about this lecture and I watched the entire video in one sitting. Then I watched it again. It’s very inspirational and makes me hope that more professors in the world could be influential like

Express Shopping Spree

Over the weekend, I went to my neighborhood mall and bought three shirts, one pair of pants, and a belt from Express Men. I like the design and love the colors from this store, but the stuff is so darn expensive!  $235 retail price for merely five items!  Thank goodness for sale deals, coupons stackable

Study Tower Collections

Two years ago I posted one of these pictures on my old blog.  It’s now time to finish the collection. 2004-2005 Course 1 Exam FM 2005-2006 Exam M VEE – Microeconomics VEE – Macroeconomics VEE – Regression Analysis VEE – Time Series Exam C 2006-2007 FAP Modules 1~5

PS3 & Dynasty Warriors 6

A few weeks ago, I got a Playstaion 3.  This is my first current-generation video game console in 12 years.  Compared to my PS2 Slim, it’s a monsterous beast. After buying my PS2 last summer and Dreamcast near the end of college, I had no patience to wait for a second-hand PS3 in the PS4 era.  It’s


Wall-E is yet another cute & hilarious Disney-Pixar masterpiece, and its storyline is one of the very best so far – on par with Finding Nemo and the two Toy Story classics. I saw this with Phil and Julia over the opening weekend.  Coming out of the theater, I was speechless.  So I dragged Hong to see

Blog is Back

After a long period of inactivity due to study schedule, followed by server upgrades which seriously messed up stuff, I was finally able to pay some attention to again.   So the blog is back with a brand-new look.  b2 had served me well, but it was approaching five years old, not to mention how