The Adventure of Little Roach

Little Roach is not a small roach.  Measuring in at 1.8 and rounding up to 2.0 inches, Lil’ R always makes mommy proud.  Today, his buddies invited him to restaurant-hop for some delicious Japanese, Malaysian, and Argentine leftovers.  Unfortunately, he took one exit too early in NYC’s underground express and ended up in a dinky fitness club. 

First Baseball Game

After work today, I went with a bunch of coworkers to see Yankees play the Blue Jays.  This was the first baseball game, also the first sporting event since graduating from Tech, that I have been to.  Well, I figured that as I start my fifth year being a New Yorker, this was sort of

Actuarial Drama

It’s a well known fact that actuaries are dull people, so the term “actuarial drama” is nearly as much an oxymoron as “business ethics”.  Well, guess what?  We’ve got one. Bruce Schobel, arguably one of the most well-known and respected senior actuaries in the circle, had recently been removed as the president-elect from the American