Japan Honeymoon – 20%

The thing I hate the most about traveling to Asia is, how do I count?  Is the first day a 36-hour day, or are the first two days 18-hour days each? When you’re grown up and each vacation day is worth at least a few hundred bucks, it’s scary to think that a good three

Japan Honeymoon – 10%

Sitting on the airplane, at the gate, waiting to take off from one of the crappiest airports in the country.  The lady next to us has both hands covered in blood from some serious wounds – good thing I’m going on a honeymoon with a doctor, who’s prepared with first-aid supplies.  What concerned me more

How Likely Will Your Car Be Recalled?

Over the past year, the word “motor vehicle recall” and “Toyota” seemed to have some strong correlation, including the headline news last week.  They sure screwed up with corporate response for that incident, but that by no means suggest that Toyota is the only manufacturer that makes bad cars.  “Good” cars get recalled all the

Japan Trip Planning 2

When we first decided on going to Japan for honeymoon, we wanted to go with a tour group.  It is, after all, a foreign country where none of our 3 languages would work very well.  But after going through a lot of travel agencies and comparing packages from both the U.S. and Taiwan, the plan

McDonald’s vs. Life Expectancy

McDonald’s has been given so much bad publicity in recent years, based on biased and scientifically unsound claims.  I’m not a hardcore fan trying to defend the corporation, but as an analytical bystander I feel the need to bring about some justice. Introducing: the correlation between McDonald’s historical growth and improvement in life expectancy.  Credible

Japan Trip Planning

We’ll be visiting Japan in about 3 weeks.  This is exciting. Among all foreign countries that we haven’t been, Japan is the one that I love and hate the most, find the most similarities and extreme differences, really want to visit and at the same time desperately trying to avoid. It was, after all, an

Water Park

New Jersey is a fairly watery state.  On a normal day, it’s filled with rivers, lakes, and swamps.  When it rains, well, those bodies of water reclaim their territories from men. Newark, the shitty town where I work, gets flooded easily.  You’d expect that of a port city, I suppose, but based on people’s gossip,