Toy Story!!!

I went to see Toy Story 1 & 2 tonight, back-to-back, alone.  This was the only movie I ever went to the theater by myself for, besides the Passion of the Christ (yeah… kind of in a different category).

For the longest time, I wondered how it’d feel to pay $16 to watch two movies that I already knew by heart.  It was totally worth it.  Aside from the new 3D rendering, the higher video definition made visible differences from my DVD copy and I saw a lot of details for the first time.  In addition, Disney/Pixar made a bunch of fun clips to fill the 10-minute intermission, so there was something new.

The crowd was also great.  Given their age range (most of them not younger than myself), I’d think of them as veteran Toy Story enthusiasts.  However, everyone still enjoyed the movies thoroughly, cracking up at those 14-year-old jokes that they probably saw coming.  I think Toy Story is the greatest cartoon ever created, and it was nice to see these other fans.