Once again Pixar has done a fantastic job with their annual animated film, Up, the flick about an old man and a lot of balloons: It’s unusual to see any movie, let along a cartoon, to center its story on a whithering old man.  Up had done it so well, that our theater was unusually crowded

Chinese Tonight Yo

Hey Yo!  Tasty Chinese Tonight! I think “ho jaye” translates to “let’s have”.  Found this poster on the window of Patel Brothers, an Indian chain supermarket. This wouldn’t have been so funny if it weren’t found in Flushing, where the store was surrounded by a whole city of Chinese more real than “Real Chinese”.

Slumdog Millionaire

We had no idea what this movie was about before it was half over.  On Thursday, I heard about it for the first time.  On Friday, I heard about it for the second time.  On Saturday, Hong mentioned how she also heard many excellent reviews, so we hit the movie theater, paid for the tickets,

Wally World Wall-E

Did Wall-E come from Walmart? When we watch the movie and see the portrayal of Buy n Large, the retail chain super store that covered Earth, it’s pretty easy to make an association with Walmart: gigantic stores, feel-good commercials, cheap goods, and fat people. Is this connection subtle or obvious?  How about the robot hero’s

Chess Victory

This is the most extreme chess victory I’ve ever come across: winning with two rooks, two knights, two bishops, two queens, and the majority of the pawns, after slashing just about everything from the opponent:  

Jay Chou – Capricorn

Jay released his new album – Capricorn (???).  As usual, he’s awesome (and still very daring with his outfits…). The first hit is ??.  It’s another inspirational song from Jay to bring positive thinking to the society. ??????  ??????? Fail to chase down your dream?  Why not simply find another?